E-Journal uses state-of-the-art encryption that you have to see to believe. Your password is never stored in our systems. Instead, you enter your password in order to mathematically scramble your private entries. Then, only your password can ever de-scramble them. It's much better than any lock! Enter a sample password and journal entry below to see how well it protects your private thoughts by scrambling them completely beyond recognition to prying eyes.

Sample Passkey:

Enter some sample text below:

Your journal is encrypted, so you don't have to worry about anyone reading your journal entries.

Unlike other online journal systems, this one has been designed from the ground up to protect your privacy. A typical system stores your entries as plain text that anyone from the web company that hosts it can read. In fact, many services actively moderate what you are posting. We have designed our system so that it is not possible for us to read your journal, even if we wanted to.

The encrypted eJournal system was invented by the owner of a company that didn't want his own programmers to be able to read his journal. Every safeguard and clever technique of keeping the entries private has been built into this system from day one, and now you can benefit from it.

In addition to all this encryption, we also collect an absolute minimum amount of information about you. We don't ask you for your name, phone number, where you live, or anything else because we don't need it in order to provide you the eJournal service. We only record the username you choose, your password hint, your birthday (so that the journal can mark your pages with your age as you write), and your email (which is *only* used to send your password hint). Stay anonymous, stay private. We respect you for it.

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