Please note that we do not know what your password is. We do not keep any record of your password, we can not see the contents of your journal, and we can not see any of the pictures you have uploaded to your journal. This information is completely encrypted and hidden, even from us. We have deliberately designed it this way to make sure that you are genuinely able to use this journal to express yourself in whatever private way you wish.

Very importantly, this means we have no ability to tell you your password, or to reset or change it. If you ever forget your password, you would be locked out of your eJournal until you remember it.

We do have the ability to see the overall count and times you have made entries, but not what the entries contain.

Please note we have recently in 2019 removed the payment requirement to add new journal entries, and cancelled all active subscriptions. You can now create new entries in your journal at no charge. Hosting of your old entries has always been free.

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